Thursday, September 24, 2015

PLN #5


In the article “You Will Be Able to Watch the CNN Democratic Debate in Virtual Reality” by Maya Rhodan they are talking about a new way to watch tv almost as if you’re there. CNN came out with an idea “to offer you a front-row ticket to look around the studio during its upcoming Democratic presidential debate, and you won't even have to leave your couch.” You just need a Samsung phone to get access to virtual reality. This concept will be open to the public on October 13 for the Republican debate. Since the debate is a really big and a lot of people will be watching CNN thought this will be a good time to launch the idea since there is 4.5 million streams. However, to get the whole virtual reality experience, you have to wear a big headset and they refer to it as “living in the Matrix.”


I think that it is a good idea for CNN to try this new idea of virtual reality. Technology is starting to grow in many ways ranging from phones where the screens wrap around to the sides, 3D tvs, and much more. Virtual reality in my idea sounds really cool because it’s like you’re right there at the event taking place. But I also think that they should make it available to more types of phones than just the Samsung phones. It’s also a smart idea for CNN to launch this new idea to a lot of people for a presidential debate. Since a lot of people watch it, a lot of people will get to experience it get or even hear more about it. They tried it earlier this year on some networks and shows such as ABC news, MTV, a soccer match, and the NHL and it seemed to be a hit. You can just be laying in your bed, sitting on a couch, or even swinging on a hammock and be able to watch the debate. It’s a really cool concept and it could change technology and the way you watch tv forever.

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