Thursday, October 22, 2015

PLN #7

In the article “Why Having Goals Can Suck” by Jack Stahlmann it is about why having goals can be good for you but also bad. Some people have big goals, but don’t exactly have a plan to get there. In the article Stahlmann also states,”if you're feeling overwhelmed by a goal, it might be because you're looking at the end and not embracing the journey.” It also says that people celebrate the result but not necessarily the process you use to get there. Stahlmann gave tips in the article about how to achieve big goals so you can really embrace the journey you used to accomplish it.

I agree with some points Stahlmann makes, but also disagree with some too. Personally, goals for me works well since sometimes I don’t have anything to look forward too. Goals help me stay on track and appreciate things in life. I mean I do agree with the fact that when you have such a big goal you don’t celebrate the journey it took to get there. But, when I have a big goal, I make a weekly schedule so I stay on track and make sure I accomplish the goal. Don’t get me wrong the end result is the best feeling in the world, but the journey it took to get there has many ups and downs and celebrating it all is what I think really helps you appreciate the outcome. I believe people should set goals, because I think some people need a constant reminder to get better and challenge themselves, and that is something I personally need as well.

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