Thursday, October 29, 2015

PLN #8

In the article “Presidential Speeches Were Once College-Level Rhetoric--Now They’re for Sixth-Graders” by Derek Thompson, he is talking about how presidential speeches are starting to become less and less formal. Data shows that there is now less words in the speeches that Obama gives present day than there was back when George Washington was president. However, people are happy that the speeches are becoming less complex so people understand it better. When George Washington gave his speeches they were so complex and hard to understand, that people didn’t fully comprehend what he was saying.

I agree with the group of people that are saying that the presidential speeches are becoming more of a sixth-grader’s reading level, but also disagree in some ways. I think presidential speeches should have some depth and figurative language in them, because I mean it shouldn’t be like you’re having a casual conversation with your best friend. But, since I’m younger and still learning the meaning of things, I appreciate how the speeches are becoming less complex so now people around my age understand them better. For example, in history class I used to have to annotate presidential speeches and find all the figurative language and give the meaning of each and every little thing. Honestly, that was probably one of the hardest things I had to do that year. Some of the language they used to use was just so hard to understand that I wanted to just give up on reading it and trying to comprehend it all. That’s why I don’t mind as much that they are so called “dumbing” it down. But I also still think that there is a level that they need to still be at with formal addresses.

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