Wednesday, November 4, 2015

PLN #6 Revision

"Make Way For Generation Z" by Michael Hershon is about bringing in a new generation to the work force and all the new ideas they would bring to the table. He says that the millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, born after 1980, seemed that some of them didn’t want to grow up. Hirshson also says, “Many were not afraid to speak their minds and made it clear they wanted to change the status quo. And at 80 million strong, they had the numbers to do it.” (I deleted this sentence) It states that “Gen Zers” tend to be more independent and want to be “cut loose earlier.” They also are “curious and driven” and Gen Zers are more of a mix of ethnicities. Born starting in the mid-90s to the early ’00s, Generation Z is coming in hard as the new and improved.


In "Make Way For Generation Z by Michael Hershon I think that bringing different generations into the workforce is a great idea. You can get different viewpoints from everyone and it could make your company that much better. (deleted these sentences) Also sometimes everyone doesn’t relate, and bringing in new people could bring in new ideas. When I come home from school and start my homework my mom always says,"Where's your paper and pencil?" But now everything is on the computer, and we even use Google Classroom for art. Arapahoe uses a lot of technology, even more than I'm used to, because at my old school we used some but not as much. Also, my parents always say how awesome it is that kids now can take Algebra 2 Honors as a freshman or even an 8th grader because when they were in school they would take that class as a senior. That just shows how much Gen Zers are making a change in everyday society and possibly even in the workforce in the near future.

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