Saturday, November 28, 2015

PLN #9

The article “In Praise Of The F Word” by Mary Sherry she is talking about the effect of threatening students grades with consequences to get them to do better in school. There was an example in the article where a student who sat in the back of the classroom and was a senior. He was not paying attention and was talking to all his friends all the time. The teacher notified the parent and the parent simply just asked,”Why don’t you move him to the front?” But the teacher believed threatening him with the idea of if he doesn’t pay attention he would flunk the class. The result of this threat was he started to pay attention and ended up passing the class. Sherry believes they should start putting this idea to use at many more schools.

I think the idea of threatening a student into a good grade isn’t such a bad idea. For some kids, really seeing that if they don’t pull themselves together and stop being so lazy the consequence could highly impact them in the future. Personally, sometimes I need that wake up call. When I realize how severe the result could be I grasp the fact that this could change everything. If I totally flunk a class I might loose some good choices for colleges and even worse my parents would be so mad and disappointed with me. Also in some cases you need letters of recommendation from certain teachers and if they didn’t think highly of you that can also impact your chances of getting into certain colleges. Sometimes students just need that extra push or boost and their true colors of excellence show and that’s sometimes what I need and generally everyone just needs once and awhile.

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